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Buying Soft Dates from Markets

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Top 10 of Most Popular DatesUsing dates Instead of white Sugar is the Best ChoiceWhat Are the Different Moisture Categories of Dates?How Can We Keep Dates Fresh?Soft Dates Trade in Luxury PackagesDistributing Soft Dates VerietiesHigh Sale of Soft Dates in Bulk

One of the Iranian soft dates that is in the first ranks in terms of juice is kebab dates and this date is famous for having a large amount of juice and is often used in the preparation of date juice in addition to food. Direct sale of juicy Kabkab dates is done by its seller in the country and those who need this date for its various uses can order this product for themselves through its distributor and thus this quality juicy date to gain.

Buying Soft Dates from Markets

Top 10 of Most Popular Dates

Top 10 of Most Popular Dates

Kabkab or Pyaram dates are among the dates that are famous for their extraordinary juice, and this date juice has so much that it is easy to see from its appearance and if it is not placed in a plastic package, the juice will easily come out of it. And if the packaging is in the form of a cartoon box, it will wet the carton milk.

The presence of a lot of juice is one of the ways to recognize this product and can be used to identify it, but in terms of firmness and softness, this date is considered a very soft handle so that the texture is very soft and if placed in a box Just by placing a few rows of brown dates on top of each other, they can be easily deformed and have a flattened appearance.

Therefore, the characteristic of this product or kebab date is that unlike Zahedi date or royal date, it does not have a specific shape. It is usually medium in size and not a large date and this product has a dark brown color and can be identified by the color of the date.

This product is packaged in buckets for export as one of the best examples. These dates are mostly produced in tropical and semi-arid regions of the country. These dates are fresh and of high quality in these packages. These dates are from dates. It is a juice that is mostly marketed in 2 kg packages.

Buckwheat dates are buckwheat dates that are of high quality. In southern cities, a large amount of this product is produced and sold in the market every year. This date has a thin skin and high durability. Shahani, Zahedi and Mazafati dates. And other dates are also used in this type of packaging. But most of the dates that he used in the form of khark are used in these packages. These types of dates are not yet ripe and are in the form of khark. This product reaches these dishes over time and has a special taste and quality.

Using dates Instead of white Sugar is the Best Choice

Dates are a great winter food that is rich in nutrients such as iron and antioxidants, but they are also higher in calories than other dried fruits and it is usually not recommended to eat large amounts at once and for diabetics, often It is recommended that they do not consume this delicious product, but is this true?

According to researchers, each of you can eat chubby brown dates! Not one, but at least two to three, depending on your blood sugar level, but what about diabetics? The reason diabetics are asked to avoid high-calorie, high-sugar foods is because they may raise their blood sugar levels.

The level of blood sugar in the human body is regulated by insulin, a hormone that is weakly reduced by diabetics and in the absence of sufficient amounts of insulin, glucose is not consumed in the body and its level rises in the bloodstream of diabetics. Ask a diabetic and you will find that best safawi dateare on their “do not eat” list, but they do not have to be.

According to experts, people with diabetes can also benefit from the high fiber of dates, and eating 2 to 3 brown dates calories a day is not a problem for diabetics, as long as they are careful and maintain healthy eating habits, dates also have a low GI. This means that blood sugar levels are less likely to rise.

According to what has been said, dates can be a safe choice for diabetics. In addition, brown bin dates have moderate GL which means that 1 or 2 fruits at a time is a good choice, so contrary to many people and even diabetics, consumption Limited dates can be done and ironically it can provide a variety of minerals and vitamins in addition to fiber.

What Are the Different Moisture Categories of Dates?

What Are the Different Moisture Categories of Dates?

Cancer is a disease caused by abnormal cell growth and in cancer cells grow uncontrollably and they spread to all parts of the body and the abnormal growth of these cells leads to the formation of large tumors. And these tumors are divided into two categories of malignant and benign tumors.

No single diet can reduce the risk of cancer, but a good combination of different foods containing vitamins and minerals greatly reduces this risk and eating the right fruits before, during and during cancer treatment is very important. .

Dates are one of the most popular fruits and an excellent source of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals and dates have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties; Dates are a fruit that ensures the health of the gastrointestinal tract. It also cleanses the intestines of any harmful bacteria, so having a healthy digestive system reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Researchers have studied the effect of dates on the good flora of the gut and the proliferation of colon cancer cells. Our gut contains about 10,000 billion microorganisms and is the most metabolically active place in the human body. It happens.

We can improve the good flora of our gut by feeding them prebiotics, such as dietary fiber and polyphenols, a bunch of antioxidant plant nutrients and dates have high levels of any of these nutrients, so eat dates. Power directly reduces the risk of cancer by improving the intestinal flora.

Experiments have shown that when some dates are combined with some intestinal flora and tested on volunteers by volunteers, the growth of beneficial bacteria is significantly increased and the ability of the mixtures to inhibit the growth of intestinal cancer cells.

The presence of polyphenols in dates reduced the growth of cancer cells by more than half and whole date extract almost completely blocked the growth of cancer cells, so all these studies together show that consumption of date fruit may increase the growth of beneficial bacteria and Inhibiting the proliferation of colon cancer cells improves colon

How Can We Keep Dates Fresh?

It is a myth that eating carrots helps you to see in the dark because the main nutrient of carrots, beta-carotene (responsible for the orange color and characteristic of this root vegetable) is a precursor to vitamin A and helps your eyes in low light conditions. Adjust the pupil light so that more light enters the eye and sees better.

Of course, vitamin A can not give you night vision or cure your dependence on contact lenses, but eating enough protects eye health; Vitamin A also stimulates the production and activity of white blood cells, participates in bone regeneration, helps maintain the health of endothelial cells (those that cover the body’s internal surfaces) and regulates cell growth and division that are necessary for reproduction. .

Carotenoids or precursors of beta-carotene and finally vitamin A are found naturally in plant foods, one of which is dates, and this very sweet fruit contains enough vitamin A or precursors that can be part of the body’s needs for Provide this vital vitamin so its consumption can be suitable for inclusion in the diet.

Varieties of dates have a relatively similar amount of this vitamin, and this product can provide part of our body’s needs for this vital vitamin, and in this way, dates, along with all its benefits are known as a source of this vitamin. .

Soft Dates Trade in Luxury Packages

Soft Dates Trade in Luxury Packages

Kabkab dates of juicy type can be offered to buyers by the suppliers of this product and those who intend to prepare this product can get the best dates from these suppliers. Also, this product has a very reasonable price. Dates are considered to be reasonably priced and at the same time it is one of the export dates of the country.

Suppliers can supply any volume of customer needs at the lowest possible price and provide conditions to be able to meet the needs of buyers anywhere in the country and provide this product to them as soon as possible and in any Make room for them.

The price of the product offered by these suppliers is very reasonable and excellent packaging has been considered for its presentation, so that today, instead of cartoon packaging, very stylish plastic containers are used in order to improve the quality of the product. Do not touch or damage the packaging.

High quality bucket dates have one hand size and have large grains. This type of date is more than honey type. This type of packaging has many fans and it is not possible for the slightest contamination to penetrate into it. Many dates have been produced. They are offered in bucket containers in the market and have high quality. This type of packaging is completely hygienic and can be used safely. Buying dates in this package may have a higher price, but the dates in this package retain their freshness more.

Distributing Soft Dates Verieties

Juicy kebab dates are among the most produced dates in the country which means that there are many groves where this date is grown, so this product must have a reasonable price and thus those who are in the field of this date. They are active and buy and sell it, they can definitely get it cheap.

The low price of this product helps buyers to be both successful in exporting this product and to offer it to their overseas customers at a cheaper price, so that buyers can buy this product cheaper and sell it in the domestic market. And foreigners be successful.

For detailed information about the wholesale price of brown dates benefits, you should contact the main seller or get more information about this product and its current price.

The price of this product depends a lot on its export, so that the more exports there are, the more likely the price of this product will increase. However, buying directly from the manufacturer is one of the cheapest ways you can do this. Get the dates.

Bucket dates in general can be said to have a large hand size, its packaging is standard and completely hygienic, this type of packaging is free from the penetration of any germs has a high strength so that the best sample package for export It is packed, it is simple and easy to carry and transport, it is packed in different volumes so that each person can provide it according to their needs.

High Sale of Soft Dates in Bulk

High Sale of Soft Dates in Bulk

One of the best-selling types of dates in the country is Kabkab dates which is a very reasonably priced product and for this reason, many exporters are active in the trade of this product. These juicy dates are sold in bulk and buyers can meet their needs directly through.

Special sale of dates is done in high tonnage and in suitable packages and buyers can easily request this product for any part of the country. In bulk sales, it has a cheaper price and the quality of this product is more suitable, because usually these dates are bought in bulk for export and thus the presentation for export must be of excellent quality.

If you buy this date, it is recommended to order it in bulk and in large quantities so that this date can bring you more profitability at a reasonable price. Wholesale online sales are done and in these circumstances, a very reasonable price and idea.

In selling this product, the manufacturer or the main seller has launched a website to sell this product and offers different types of dates with export quality and customers can register their order from the same site without being present. And thus request the best of this product for themselves.

Ordering can be done very easily and cheaply and it is enough for the customer to refer to the date distribution market or the same site and get more information about this product and finally, at a very reasonable price, he can do so without spending money on the physical presence of this Request the product and use it for your own purposes.

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