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What Is Mazafati Dates?Nutritional Values of Mazafati DatesWhy Do Exporters of Mazafati Dates Buy from Us?

Mazafati dates are one of the most delicious types of dates in the world. Mazafati dates origin is one of the most popular date cultivars in the country and foreign markets. The price of Bam Mazafati dates largely depends on its packaging and sorting. This product is sold in both bulk and packaged forms, but our store it gives you hope that in a special design, this Mazafati date with good quality will be sold at a special price that will make you amazing. Follow us for purchase conditions in this special plan.

Mazafati Dates Origin Premium Distributor

What Is Mazafati Dates?

What Is Mazafati Dates? One of the most important and famous types of dates that are widely grown in Iran is Mazafati dates. This date is known as one of the most valuable and tasty dates in Iran and the world, which is selling well because of the interest among the people. Many people who consume this date try to Constantly put it in your food basket. Even many of the products exported by the collection have been very well received. To prove this, we can refer to the date export page and see the studies done.

Dates Mazafati is one of the types of wet dates in Iran. This date is often known by the name of its place or birthplace, Bam. Bam city of Kerman is the main producer of Mazafati dates in Iran, which harvests the highest quality Mazafati dates from the groves of this city. For this reason, this type of date is sometimes called Bam date. According to recent statistics, the area under Mazafati date cultivation in Bam city reaches about 28,000 hectares, of which about 5,000 hectares are still unharvested and young. From this amount of groves in Kerman province, about 120,000 tons of Mazafati dates are harvested annually and exported to most provinces of Iran and some neighboring countries, the United States and Europe.

Nutritional Values of Mazafati Dates

Nutritional Values of Mazafati Dates Mazafati dates nutrition are important because This date has a large amount of potassium in its natural structure. This issue can be considered as a treatment for diarrhea of ​​Bam Mazafati dates. One of the most important and major products of Iranian dates can be called Rotab Mazafati dates. These dates are soft dates. Bam Mazafati dates are in great demand both domestically and internationally. The color of these dates generally tends to dark purple and black.

The nature of dates is hot and most people have a cold nature. Especially those for whom problems have been created. They can use these dates as a medicine. In addition to their properties for their body, they can use it as a medicine for physical health. Vitamins in dates are C, B, A, E. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties and makes tissues Protect the body against the destructive effects of certain chemical compounds. Dates are also useful for skin rejuvenation and rejuvenate the skin by reducing wrinkles. Consumption of dates is very useful for pregnant women, it also helps the mother’s health, mother’s anemia during pregnancy It compensates, helps the baby to strengthen intelligence, and dates to a great extent reduce labor pains.

Why Do Exporters of Mazafati Dates Buy from Us?

Why Do Exporters of Mazafati Dates Buy from Us? As it was said, the Mazafati dates export is of special importance and a quality product with stylish packaging must be exported as an export product because it is one of the main parameters. But to provide those two important parameters, you must purchase your product from reputable centers to ensure both its quality and its price. Our company and distributor center with years of experience in the production of quality Mazafati dates in this field can help you a lot. You can solve your confusions by consulting your support team and asking questions, and by buying a quality product at a reasonable price, you can ensure that you have exported the best product. Be sure to visit our online website to contact us.

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Mahan Mehr Darys (M.M.D) invites you to buy the best Date products

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